Donations: Help the Animals in Costa Rica

On behalf of the animals in Costa Rica, AHPPA thanks you for your generosity!

Please select from the available options below to make a donation to AHPPA. We are an animal shelter committed to reducing the homeless Costa Rica dog population, providing a refuge for the unloved and unwanted, and offering no/low-cost services to small animals and pet owners of Costa Rica.


Secure Payment with Credit Card / Paypal.

A receipt will be presented at time of payment.


Friends of Refugio 2013-2014:

To make a donation of any amount to assist AHPPA with our goal to raise $40,000 for improvements to the animal shelter facilities, including the sinkhole fiasco, medical equipment, vaccines and supplies, click on the button. Every bit helps!


Sponsor a Dog: $25

Your generosity will help feed and care for a dog on a monthly basis.  This is a subscription type of donation. This option will automate your monthly donation of $25.  You may cancel your subscription at any time (after the first month). Thank you!


Spay & Neuter Program: $50

This one time donation of $50 will help us continue with our country-wide efforts towards reducing the over population of Dogs and Cats throughout Costa Rica. Our vets travel around the country to perform low and no-cost neuter and spay surgeries.

AHHPA Membership: $100

Your annual AHPPA membership will help us with costly medical supplies for emergency surgeries, rescues and long term care of animals whose health has been jeopardized. By choosing this $100 annual donation you will be providing support each year (option to cancel after first year).


Corporate Sponsorship

Your support is greatly needed for AHPPA.

If you represent a company interested in assisting us with a larger financial donation, or can provide services or goods (see our wish list), please contact us at the Animal Shelter in Costa Rica.

Shelter-Signage: $500 per year

Your family name, business name or “In Memory Of…” sign will be visible to all whom enter the Refugio. Signs are placed at the top of each dog’s housing facility. This is a one time donation.


For direct deposit donations within Costa Rica our banking information is as follows:

AHPPA Costa Rica Local Direct Deposit Banco Nacional Information:


Banco Nacional de Costa Rica  (  Colones Account / Cuenta):
Account / Cuenta No. 100-01-040-000431-9
Nombre: Asoc Humanitaria Para Protección Animal Costa Rica AHPPA
CuentaCliente: 15104010010004311
Cedula Juridica: 3-002-131253

Banco Nacional ( $ US Dollar Account / Cuenta)

Nombre: Asoc Humanitaria Para Protección Animal Costa Rica AHPPA

Account / Cuenta 200-02-040-000446-9
Cuenta Cliente: 15104020020004464
Cedula Juridica: 3-002-131253


AHPPA Costa Rica Local Direct Deposit BAC Info:

BAC San Jose, Costa Rica:
Account / Cuenta: 904-270-600
Nombre: Asoc. Humanitaria Para la Protección Animal de Costa Rica
Cuenta Cliente: 10200009042706006


 AHPPA Costa Rica Contact Info:

Apartado:  73-3000
Heredia, Costa Rica, Central America
(506) 2267 – 6374
(506) 2267 – 7158


Together we can make a difference for the Animals of Costa Rica!