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A Pup in Need

The on-site veterinary clinic at the AHPPA animal shelter is a full-service small animal pet hospital. We are open 6 days* a week. Attending to medical needs of  mostly dogs and cats, the Refugio’s animal clinic also takes in the occasional rabbit, possum, fox, sloth and other Costa Rica wildlife.

Our clinic is outfitted with the necessary emergency, surgical and diagnostic equipment (though we are in need of additional medical equipment!) thanks to the help of generous supporters and donors. Last year we were able to acquire a blood analyzing machine which provides instant blood results for liver, kidney and other blood panel work. Prior, we had to send blood samples out to professional laboratories, waiting days for results, at the peril of the animal in need.

Compassionate care is an important part of the AHPPA philosophy and pets are closely supervised and given pain medications to ease their discomfort. We have three full-time trained and experienced veterinarians on staff, all of whom are dedicated to treating each animal with compassion and skill.

Treatments for abandoned animals who are brought in or dropped at the Refugio include de-worming (and/or other parasites) and spay or neutering. Emergency situations involve a thorough examination to determine if the animal will survive the injuries; the Refugio’s veterinarians regularly perform radical surgeries and if not adopted, the animals remain with the shelter*.



AHPPA Veterinary Hospital Clinic offers medical consultations, diagnostics and all types of surgery including:

  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Laboratory Services
  • Preventive Care
  • Dental
  • Spay/Neuter
  • X – Ray
  • Orthopedic surgery including those requiring pins
  • Cancer treatment including chemo therapy
  • Surgical: tumor removal, c-sections
  • Eyes and ears consultations
  • Dermatology

Exceptions: All medical services are available to residents at more than reasonable rates. However, if someone brings their pet to the Refugio clinic but cannot afford a procedure or treatment, we don’t disregard or refuse the animal’s needs. A portion of all donations (thanks to people who care) are set aside and available to help with these types of situations.

Note: Do not give food or water to your pet 12 hours preceding any operation.

Animal Dental Care

Dental services include teeth cleaning, polishing, tooth extractions, x- rays and oral surgery.

AHPPA asks that you call in advance to schedule an appointment for your pet’s dental care:

(506) 22 67 63 74
(506) 22 67 71 58


Animal Care & Services:

Boarding Info: ¢8,000 (approx. $16) per day for a dog; includes food and shelter and one walk per day. Your pet must be well socialized to get along with the other dogs.  A discount can be made for longer term stays.

Adoption Info: ¢5,000 (approx $10)  per dog or cat plus any donation. The 5000 colones covers sterilization costs of anesthesia, suture material, and antibiotics. When the new owner returns 8 days later to have the pet’s sutures removed they will need to vaccinate the pet if it hasn’t already been vaccinated. The new pet owner of course is expected to pay vaccination costs.

When an individual or family first adopts a pet they will be interviewed and given a care sheet; they will also need to sign a contract that stipulates if they neglect or abuse their new pet the AHPPA has the right to confiscate the animal.

Exportation Info: AHPPA can help with the exportation papers for your pet.  An AHPPA licensed veterinarian will certify the documents which will then be endorsed by Senasa in Costa Rica.  You are required to supply your pet’s medical card.

Cremation: The Refugio is the only animal shelter in Costa Rica that offers a cremation service. Please contact AHPPA Director, Lilian Schnog to discuss options and fees.


Vet Clinic Hours, Location & Contact

Vetenarian at Work


AHPPA Veterinary Hospital Clinic is open:

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m 

Sunday: Currently Closed on Sundays

Contact via Telephone:
(506) 22 67 63 74
(506) 22 67 71 58

Shelter Location:
Located 2 km before El Castillo Country Club, Los Angeles, San Rafael de Heredia.  This is the route to Monte de la Cruz. AHPPA shelter is on the right hand side, coming from San Rafael central.

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Preventative Care

Cat PhotoAHPPA has a very effective Spa and Neuter program for dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Costa Rica. Parasite control and routine annual vaccinations are recommended for all pets, including those that rarely go out of the home as well as flea and tick treatment. Our prices are low or no-cost in our effort to help responsible pet owners take better care of their pets. View more information on our Spay and Neuter Program.



No-Kill Shelter Costa Rica

*An Important Note: The AHPPA Refugio animal shelter only performs euthanasia to those poor animals brought to our vet-clinic facility whom are incurably sick or diseased, are extremely aggressive, or have sustained extensive injuries beyond repair.