Spay – Neuter Program at A.H.P.P.A.

The AHPPA Spay Neuter Program has been in effect since  the clinical doors were opened in 1991. This program allows people who can’t afford the expensive sterilization surgery to neuter or spay their pet by giving any donation they can afford.

However if anyone really can not afford the surgery then we feel it’s more important to waive the surgery fee altogether.  This ensures better health for their pet and helps to prevent more litters in the future.

Sterilization reduces the rates of uterine, ovarian and testicular cancer in dogs and cats. Some of these cancers are not only preventable but are contagious as well.

The Refugio animal shelter clinic is open 6 days a week; humans are welcome (and encouraged!) to bring their pets for sterilization. Scheduling works on a first come, first serve basis.

Our clinic hours are 9 – 4 weekdays and 9 – 3 pm on Saturdays.

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A.H.P.P.A.  Outreach Program

Outreach Spay & Neuter Costa RicaThe AHPPA Outreach Program was initiated in 2005 when a truck was donated to the Refugio specifically for the cause of spay and neutering in the rural areas of Costa Rica.

Our vets go to the poorer areas to sterilize the dogs and cats of those who love their pets but simply can’t afford it. Some people also care enough to bring in community dogs or stray dogs.

There are highly organized volunteers around the country who arrange for 70 – 150 dogs and cats to be ready for surgery on the specific day(s) that the vets are in their area. These volunteers will go around their villages by foot or bicycle to announce the spay date prior to the A.H.P.P.A. veterinarian’s arrival and make appointments with those who are interested.

The Outreach Program volunteers make certain that pet owners understand that their pets need to “fast” for 12 hours before surgery, i.e., no food or water. These same volunteers are in attendance throughout the entire day of the sterilizations.  Assisting our vet staff, these animal loving volunteers make certain that all the animals come out of their anesthesia well before being the animals are released to their humans.

Both our Spay & Neuter Program and Outreach Program have been very effective in reducing the number of strays and street dogs throughout Costa Rica. These programs are costly and require that we as a responsible animal shelter continually raise funds to keep the programs going.  Donations are always needed and appreciated.