Lost and Found Pets of Costa Rica

Lost Dogs in Costa Rica

Lost Dogs

A.H.P.P.A. wants to help the community reunite with lost and found pets: dogs, cats and other small animals who have been misplaced throughout Costa Rica.  We will do so with announcements to our Animal Shelter blog.

Pet owners whom love their pets and take care of them discover often something happens that makes a pet go missing.  If you have ever experienced the loss of a beloved pet, you know the terrible feeling and worry. Keeping an eye out for a lost pet is a most neighborly and kind thing to do.

Lost Cat

Lost Pets

People who take the time to stop and collect an animal that appears lost, abandoned or injured are heroes in our book.  These kind souls might end up keeping the animal and caring for it themselves.  If they are unable to keep an animal long term, they need to find the animal a new home. We encourage postings to our Facebook page and our website for this purpose.

More often, lost and found animals are brought to us at the A.H.P.P.A. animal shelter. Either way, we post information here on our website and our Facebook page. If you’ve lost a pet please visit the Refugio animal shelter.

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Sending us information related to a lost pet:

To request a posting on our blog page please submit the following information. You will also need to send us, as an attachment, a digital photograph in the typical JPG format with a minimum size of: 640 x 480 pixels. Please include the image of your lost or found pet along with:

  • description of the animal: color, markings, collar, sex, breed, etc.
  • details of pet’s home location or place lost
  • when and where it was lost or found and
  • your contact information including name & phone number

Send the required information to:  info@animalsheltercostarica.org

We encourage postings of the information for lost and founds pets to our Animal-Shelter-Costa-Rica-A.H.P.P.A. Facebook page.  Many of our hero friends also post there for animals they have found.

Also, please check out our blog page for recent updates on Lost and Found Pets in Costa Rica.