Castration Fees at AHPPA

Spay & Neuter Pets

Although listed on our FAQ page, we thought it a good idea to provide the castration fees of animals for people who wish to have their pets spayed and/or neutered at our animal shelter clinic, or who want to bring a stray or abandoned animal to be castrated – on its own page.

The fees listed here are different from those of our Mobile Spay and Neuter clinics held around the country. Our mobile clinics offer the same services in poor and remote areas where a vet or vet services may not be available. And, more importantly, where the pet owners are not likely to afford a vet.  The Mobile clinic fees for castration surgeries are on a pay what you can afford basis.

IMPORTANT Regarding Castration Fee: payment in full is required at the time of arrival.  When you enter the AHPPA animal shelter clinic, at the administration window, you will be required to pay for the surgery in order to acquire a number that puts your pet in the clinic’s que. The surgery usually takes about an hour. You should remain at the shelter while your pet is undergoing surgery; your pet should be ready to go home approximately an hour later.

At the Refugio, as were are known locally, castration fees (and hours) at our animal shelter vet clinic are as follows:

Monday through Friday Surgery Hours: 9 am until 3 pm

  • 8,000 colones small to medium dogs and cats (and rabbits!)
  • 10,000 colones for large dogs

Saturday Surgery Hours: 9 am until 2 pm

  • 10,000 colones small to medium dogs and cats
  • 15,000 colones for large dogs

Note: Please remember that the animal should not be given any water or food 12 hours prior to the surgery procedure.


Visit our FAQ page under the Spay & Neuter Section. If you cannot locate an answer, please contact us.